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Proven Partners - Driving and Realizing Growth

At MarketBridge we are committed to solving complex business challenges using the latest technology and data resources, combined with our creative and collaborative strategic approach.

The MarketBridge team has a proven track record for increasing business asset valuations, capitally efficient commercialization, top-line growth and economic returns that meet investor expectations.

We have built businesses globally within the medical, materials, biotechnology, electronics, personal care, nutrition and specialty chemical markets.

The team recognizes the criticality of effective capital allocation and its proactive management within higher risk technology investments. Our experience, coupled to proprietary business systems and models, maximizes value creation and its downstream capture through effective capital use and strategic choice.

We have a commitment to client success and recognize that every capital dollar invested matters. Its management systems enable an ownership mentality that assures principal/agent alignment, financial transparency from employee to board level, horizontal management and a financial lens that best assures success for the investment enterprise and its owners.


Managing Partner

Executive Management - Recognized for achieving top-line revenue growth and significant market valuation increases for businesses in the industrial, energy, materials, and medical markets. Management leadership with expertise in realizing business growth, maximizing value capture and successfully commercializing into existing and new markets.

Global Business Leadership - Board director with fiduciary responsibility for business and financial oversight. Has led business restructuring, strategic redirection, innovative business model implementation, updating product lines with customer driven solutions, improved market sensing, and adapting technology-based into market-facing organizations.

Recognized Authority - Regular speaker at conferences and invited to testify before state and federal governments. Expert at articulating and communicating company goals and strategies internally and to the market including, Boards of Directors; Wall Street analysts; C-level Fortune 500 companies; venture capital/start-up company boards; academics; and the media. 


Senior Partner

Tech-centric Business Executive - focused on evolving technical innovations into viable businesses opportunities. Recognized for technical innovation balanced with commercial evaluation and implementation across industrial, agricultural, energy, materials, and medical markets

Global Business Leadership - Has led business redirection, innovative business model development & implementation, improved market sensing, and adapting technology-based solutions into market-facing organizations in both large and small corporations. Currently working with the C-suite in over 40 start-ups to improve commercial outcomes across biotech, medical, electronics, materials, and energy markets

Recognized Authority - In commercially relevant innovation across markets and geographies, Techno-economic analysis, business risk measurement and mitigation, and improving start up dynamics

Meet The Team: Team
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